OMICRON focuses on offering specialized services to organize information and design information systems. With the main subject, the design and implementation of integrated solutions, OMICRON, using modern development tools, following models distributed architecture, providing,

  • integrated software packages
  • advisory services on information technology
  • design software in order
  • Web creation
  • internet applications
  • computers & networks installation and maintenance
  • training

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OMICRON developed and installed information systems covering the areas of trade in services and industry. Actor, the family insurance programs IRIDA®, targeted at small, medium and large companies in the insurance industry.

OMICRON offers advice and training to optimize the use and unrestricted availability of software products it produces. These services are offered on site or remotely.

OMICRON founded in Athens in 1994. For 2014, aims to improve the needs of customers, increasing the efficiency of quality advice and services. Within these goals, establish cooperation agreements with leading in the area, companies looking to the future with optimism.


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July 09. 2014 17:58:01

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